Dental Tourism

Dental tourism is a concept that is fast catching on nowadays! India being a favored destination for dental tourism because of its advanced infrastructure and up-to-date technology which is in par with USA, UK and Europe! India boasts of some of the best hospitals and treatment centers in the world with the best facilities. The skyrocketing costs of healthcare in the developed countries makes many a patient turn to countries like India for cost effective solutions for their health problems.

Now patients around the world can come to Kerala for high standard dental attention at 1/10th of the expense. Since the dental procedures do not need the patient to be admitted in the hospital they can enjoy a vacation at the same time. We have a tour wing dedicated to arranging vacations for you with out interfering with the dental treatment. We also have an attachment with renowned ayurvedic centre so that you can enjoy an ayurvedic vacation along with your treatment. In short we provide you a great healthy vacation from the moment we pick you from the airport.

All major hospitals in Kerala offer dental care. There are also a large number of privately run dental clinics across Kerala.Dental tour packages need to be planned as per the duration of treatment,type of holiday chosen and the number of days required for the holiday.Following an online consultation with the dentist,you can decide on the days suitable to you for touring while you take treatment.Normally,tour sites and hotels/resorts near the treatment facility or clinic are chosen for the sake of convenience.
Customized plans of dental treatment cum tours,complete with treatment schedule,airport pick up and drop,stay with food,ticket reservation and all other aspects, are available with the tour operators who provide all assistance to plan out and execute a dental tour.